White Almond Wedding Cake


White Almond Wedding CakeI love weddings!  It’s a celebration like no other.  Entire families bonding together to make a special day for the bride and groom, friends and family making a special effort to attend the wedding and make connections after years of absence, an opportunity for everyone to use their own special God-given talents and the beautiful environment of the wedding itself–not to mention the delicious food!  Following is the recipe for a regular sized cake you would bake at home–not directions for a full-sized wedding cake, although this recipe doubles nicely. Continue reading

Chicken Tortilla Soup

Chicken Tortilla SoupThis soup is so easy to make and so flavorful!  Especially if you use your own homemade chicken broth.  I love making my own broth because it’s easy, more flavorful and more economic, since you can use half of the chicken in this recipe and save the other half for something else.  But it’s still unbelievably good with purchased broth.  There are so many versions of this recipe online, but this is a combination of them and it turned into the best I have ever had!   Continue reading

Mexican Flan

Mexican FlanI think most cultures have their version of a custard dessert, such as custard pie and creme brulee.  I must admit that I am partial to this Mexican Flan, which was actually introduced to Mexico by Spain in the days of the conquest.  The caramelized sugar topping is what sets this one apart from all others.

You can find Flan offered as a dessert at most Mexican restaurants, but it is so simple to make you don’t need to eat out for it.  You can even make it a day ahead of time and it still makes a great presentation!  Your family will love it.  A dollop of whipped cream will take it over the top! Continue reading

Very Berry Baked Oatmeal

Very Berry Baked OatmealRecently, I took a trip on a plane.  I love saying that–it is the first line of a Sinatra song I love.  Anyway, on the plane, I sat next to a lovely couple who own a farm in Iowa.  We spoke of many things, including the husband’s love for his wife because she makes him baked oatmeal.    I saw the excitement in his eyes when he spoke of it.  I had to try it!   Continue reading

Hearty Banana Bread

Hearty Banana BreadI am one of those people who  likes to try several versions of a recipe in order to find the best one.  I happen to love simple banana bread–no nuts.  Although I love nuts, I feel that nuts take away from the true flavor of banana bread.  Recently, my daughter-in-law searched my blog for a good banana bread recipe and was disappointed to not find one.  So, here it is, Melissa.  I found this under the Quick Bread category of the L.A. County Fair Cookbook, 1998 Edition.  Of course, it was a first place blue ribbon Continue reading